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1.866.664.2384 24/7 Emergency Support
info@cdtcat.com We're waiting to help!
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Experience you can Trust

It’s not something we expect or want to happen, to you, to your neighbor, to anyone, but when you’re faced with the inevitability of an unexpected disaster you’ll want to make sure that you have the right remediation and restoration company in your corner. At CDT International we know about, diagnose and proactively respond to the needs of your community, often before you even know that you need us. We are driven by one thing – getting your life, your business and your family back to normal as quickly as possible.

Equipment & Systems

CDT International is one of North America’s largest suppliers of building dehumidification and ambient control equipment. We command several fleets of commercial desiccant dehumidifiers, thousands of high velocity and low amperage air movers (to facilitate limited power supply), along with thousands of Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifiers.

We also stock hundreds of negative air handlers and air scrubbers, temporary power distribution supply boxes as well as specialty equipment such as odor-controlled, thermo-fogging units, mobile generators and much, much, more!


Distress is the only word to describe the feeling of a damaged home, regardless of the magnitude. CDT International has one principal focus…

Commercial & Industrial

Commercial and Industrial losses cause a great deal of stress. This damage not only affects the business but it can affect subsidiary companies…

Government & Institutional

Large-scale disasters present specific challenges. At CDT International we exceed the expected outcome of these challenges by…

Fire Damage

Fire destroys structural components, contents, personal items, and irreplaceable mementos. Quite often it is the airborne particulates and other matter you can’t even see that cause the majority of the…

Water Loss Remediation

The expression, “time is of the essence”, could not be applied more accurately than with water damage. The longer the wait the more secondary damage is caused. One call could save you thousands of dollars…


When a loss occurs, whether fire, flood, wind or contaminant, a critical difference between recovery and complete loss is the timeliness in which recovery begins. The longer property goes un-serviced, the…

Document Restoration

Information is power. Without access to your company’s records and documents, you could find yourself out of business.

Insurance Providers

Finding a dependable service provider can be as difficult as adjusting the loss itself. For almost five decades, CDT International has established and maintained successful relationships with multiple carriers.

Environmental Remediation

Our delicate environment is constantly assaulted by the contaminating forces of both man and Mother Nature. Often companies are responsible for the distribution and haulage of hazardous materials.


Sometimes Mother Nature can unleash her fury at a magnitude that affects an entire city, or even the entire country. During these circumstances, you want to call a company who is equipped, prepared and experienced.

Large Loss Specialists

In the event of a major loss CDT International has the capabilities to manage any scale large loss from start to finish. Large loss claims have always been a specialty of CDT International.

Corporate Accounts

CDT International has been providing emergency and restoration services to private organizations and self-insured entities for nearly five decades.
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