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1.866.664.2384 24/7 Emergency Support
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What you should know about us

Operating throughout North America, CDT International is the largest full service and best equipped privately held company providing Structural Restoration and Remediation services to the private and public sectors for nearly 50 years.

Due to our reach and depth in the market, CDT International is recognized as a key stakeholder and one of the most comprehensive service providers in the industry. Offering state-of-the-art technology, processes and environmental controls, CDT International has the ability and opportunity to address virtually any service requirement that our clients may ever have. The claims range in size from small residential to multi-million dollar commercial and industrial losses.

At our corporate location we have our own on-site, full-scale flood house. This allows us to offer unique educational programs in which CDT internal staff as well as clients and insurance companies can receive training. The CDT courses are fully certified by the IICRC as a part of their education efforts.

CDT International also manufactures a complete inventory of structural drying and environmental equipment. This allows us to cost effectively provide state of the art equipment to our clients.

CDT International has become a reliable hub of information and consultation to the industry where experience and a track record of execution have contributed to our success.

We are very proud of what we can do for you. We approach every job we do with a focused sense of urgency because "time is of the essence". The more time that passes on a job site, the more secondary damages can be caused. Calling us could literally save you thousands of dollars over the life of your project. More dramatically, it could mean the difference between complete loss and recovery of your property.
Jay LozeckiChief Executive Officer

Our Mission


  • CDT International understands that restoration gives back the items that disasters have taken away
  • CDT International strives to assist people in the restoration of their lives by repairing and restoring their homes, business, and / or personal property


  • CDT International offers their customers the most superior services and solutions to their problems
  • CDT International takes safety as a top priority for our employees and our customers


  • CDT International understands that their personnel are the most important part of the solution and we strive to have the best trained and knowledgeable people on the projects


  • CDT International believes in making a fair and reasonable profit so that we can grow and offer to our employees and their families a good and equable living, providing them with opportunity to achieve their personal goals; financially, professionally, and emotionally

Our Team

Jay Lozecki

Chief Executive Officer

Alec Lozecki

Vice President

Brad Lozecki

Office Manager
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